The last month has been very busy, with exhibitions in London and Birmingham and moving to a new city, but a new start awaits, and I am looking forward to starting at the persistence works with Yorkshire Artspace next week!


I have recently completed making a collection of containers that explore form and contained space through the use of traditional sheet metal working techniques. Some of the objects have their spaces  disrupted with bright block colour and chunky wooden forms that serve to conceal and divide up the internal space while extending into the external space.

Others use simple solder lines to draw the eye through the object.

When I create containers I consider them from all angles, each perspective has an element of interest, creating a dialogue between the internal and external.

I will be continuing these explorations, watch here for more updates.Imogen Clarkstone -Silver and green

Imogen Clarkstone-SuspenseImogen Clarkstone-ShoveImogen Clarkstone- WiggleImogen Clarkstone- UpwardsImogen Clarkstone- twistImogen Clarkstone- MinionsImogen Clarkstone - Black and Blue